Eleanor is our ghostly spirit that haunts the grounds at Raven Manor Cemetery on each Halloween. She hovers gently above the ground raising and lowering her hands, as her eyes glow a haunting green at you.

Among Halloween enthusiasts, Eleanor is known to be a Flying Crank Ghost or FCG for short. She is basically a wire marionette attached to three independent pullys above her, that are driven by a single motor. She has LED lights that make her eyes glow (you choose the color) and a fluorescent black light really creates the great glowing affect.

This is a great addtion to any home haunt. Certainly it is worth the time and effort to build as it will most likely be the eye catcher of your attraction. We built Eleanor for 2001 and plan on being around for many years to come. We built our mausoleum or crypt as a way to house the overhead motor mechanism.

Instructions on building your own FCG were for a long time found at phantasmechanics.com, but as of 2023 the site is no longer active. You can still visit the YouTube channel site of its inventor, Doug Ferguson. He has all the info you need in a 2-part video on building the FCG. Here is a link to the Flying Crank Ghost How-To Part-1.

Click for a video of Eleanor, our Flying Crank Ghost...

Click the thumbnail images below for full size pictures of our version of Doug's masterpiece, Eleanor...

This is a photo of Eleanor on the eve of her completion (August 19, 2001). She was setup for this test in the garage and lit with my 18" fluorescent blacklight.
Here is Eleanor on Halloween night haunting in her crypt. This picture courtesy of Jeff Glanville.
Another one of her in teh crypt, but we stopped the motor to get a clearer shot.
Here is a picture of the drive mechanism I built that makes Eleanor come alive. Doug's complete plans are available from his site at www.phantasmechanics.com.